Available courses

 Profesor Dr. Lim Jit Kang (Write Facilitator's School/Centre)
 26 June 2024 (Wednesday)

Requirement: Pre-installed MS PowerPoint, MS Word, and Paint.net (https://www.getpaint.net/)

In this workshop, we will cover several key aspects related to the effective integration of graphs and images within a research manuscript. The session will begin with a brief overview of the ideal structure for incorporating graphical elements into your work, emphasizing its benefits from an editorial perspective. Following this, we will provide step-by-step guidance on preparing both Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint for the inclusion of high-resolution images while ensuring the preservation of their DPI (dots per inch) during the transfer process between software platforms. Microsoft PowerPoint will serve as our primary platform for demonstrating simple yet effective techniques for seamlessly integrating images, particularly for graphical abstract design. Furthermore, we will delve into the standard procedure for obtaining copyright permissions via RightsLink to legally reuse published images in your research manuscript. In the final segment of the workshop, we will introduce participants to the powerful freeware tool, Paint.NET, which is invaluable for image editing purposes. Through a hands-on tutorial, we will explore image overlay techniques and the process of creating time-lapsed images, providing attendees with practical skills to enhance their graphical content.

 Profesor Dr. Andrew Tan Khee Guan (School of Social Sciences)
 20 June 2024 (Thursday)
 9.00 am - 11.00 am

This lecture discusses how should a candidate facing a viva-voce should prepare for it and what is to be expected during the actual viva-voce. Common mistakes committed during a viva-voce are also highlighted.

 Prof. Madya Dr. Badrul Hisham b. Yahaya (Advanced Medical and Dental Institute)
 27 June 2024 (Thursday)
 9.00 am-12.00 pm

This seminar introduces postgraduate students to the process of writing a thesis that meets the criteria expected by examiners. Dr. Badrul Hisham will offer a fresh perspective on thesis writing, covering everything from mindset preparation and negotiating with supervisors to fulfilling both supervisors' and institutional expectations. He will also explain what examiners look for in a thesis, helping students to write in a way that meets these standards.

Since Dr. Badrul Hisham is both a supervisor and an examiner of postgraduate theses, he will provide valuable insights from both perspectives. This dual perspective will help students understand the thesis writing process more thoroughly, reflecting examiners’ expectations during the evaluation.

This seminar series is a valuable guide not only for new postgraduate students but also for experienced students who wish to learn the essential components of writing a good thesis and gain a deeper understanding of what examiners consider important.

 Profesor Dr. Chong Shu Chien @ Alexander (School of Biological Sciences)
 12 June 2024 (Wednesday)

This talk will engage participants in communicating their research data through the Discussion section for peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Besides merely citing works elsewhere to support one’s findings, there is room to debate and discuss contradictory results.  The talk will also highlight the importance of providing answers or solutions to the original research questions as a proper closure.  

 Professor. Dr. Ahmad Zuhairi bin Abdullah (School of Chemical Engineering)
 11 June 2024 (Tuesday)
 2.15pm - 4.15pm

This talk focuses on aligning academic pursuits with professional aspirations. It addresses the need for career mapping, skill development, networking, strategic planning, and continuous professional growth. Strategies covered include internships, industry engagement, professional development initiatives, effective communication, and mentorship. This discussion aims to empower students to leverage their postgraduate studies for successful career transitions.

 Associate Professor Dr. Siti Rohaida Binti Mohamed Zainal (School of Management)
 6 June 2024 (Thursday)
 9.00 am - 12.00 pm

Effective questionnaire development is a cornerstone of impactful market research. A well-designed questionnaire gathers precise, relevant data, providing actionable insights into consumer behavior and preferences. This process involves crafting clear, concise questions that align with research objectives and avoid bias. Utilizing a mix of question types, such as multiple-choice, Likert scales, and open-ended questions, ensures comprehensive data collection. In summary, a meticulously developed questionnaire not only enhances data reliability but also drives constructive discussion.

 Madam Cik Ramlah binti Che Jaafar (Hamzah Sendut Library)
 30 April 2024 (Tuesday)
 9.30 AM - 11.30 AM

Workshop details:

Topic wil cover how to identify:

  • Journals according to subject
  • Journals in indexed platform (Scopus, Web of Science, MyCite & ERA)
  • Journals quartile, impact factor and cite score
  • Discontinued journals in Scopus
  • Supressed titles in Web of Science

 Associate Professor Dr. Siti Rohaida Binti Mohamed Zainal (School of Management)
 25 April 2024 (Thursday)
 9.00 AM - 12.00 PM

Workshop details:

For students seeking research-based degrees, putting together and writing a research proposal is an essential first step. A research proposal describes the planned study, its purpose, its approach, and its anticipated results. It acts as a guide for conducting research and is frequently necessary to obtain financing or approval from educational institutions. A precise research question or hypothesis, a literature review that places the study in perspective, a methodology section outlining the research design and data collection techniques, and a completion schedule are all essential elements.

 Professor. Dr. Lee Keat Teong (School of Chemical Engineering)
 23 April 2024 (Tuesday)
 9.00 AM - 12.00 PM

Workshop details:

During my talk, I will share with you my experience on publication in reputable international peer reviewed journals as an author for more than the last 20 years and also as an Editor to a WoS Q1 journal for the last 10 years. Hopefully, I will be able to give you pointers that can help you in your academic publication endeavors.   

 Profesor Dr. Chong Shu Chien @ Alexander (School of Biological Sciences)
 30 May 2024  (Thursday)
 3.00 pm - 4.30 pm

Most students understandably sweat over writing the Results or Discussion of a scientific manuscript as these sections encompass the presentation and critical assessment of their research findings. However, the importance of the Introduction section is often overlooked. This talk provides some ideas on how to write an attractive, relevant, and meaningful Introduction, which sets the tone for the rest of the manuscript. This flow will deliberate on incorporating the features of novelty, research question, objectives, and hypothesis into the manuscript.

 Associate Professor Dr. Siti Rohaida Binti Mohamed Zainal (School of Management)
 29 May 2024 (Wednesday)
 9.00 am – 12.00 pm

This course provides a comprehensive overview of crafting research frameworks, focusing specifically on defining variables and formulating hypotheses. Students will learn how to identify and define variables, including independent, dependent, and control variables, as well as how to operationalize them effectively. Through practical examples and exercises, they will gain proficiency in articulating research questions and hypotheses that are clear, testable, and aligned with theoretical frameworks. Additionally, the course delves into the significance of hypothesis formulation in guiding research inquiries and designing empirical studies. Students will explore different types of hypotheses, including null, alternative, directional, and non-directional hypotheses, and learn strategies for testing them rigorously.

 Dr. Khairul Anuar Che Azmi (Legal Office, USM)
 24 May 2024  (Friday)
 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

When it comes to PhD research theses, there are considerable grey areas, that require academic judgement. This session is intended to provide guidelines for PhD students on the importance of - your thesis must be your own work, not that of your supervisor, another student or author of any book, journal article, report or website. Plagiarism is officially stealing others hard work without giving any credit to them. It is considered as serious offence in PhD and if anyone is found to have plagiarised the thesis more than tolerable level fixed by the University, the PhD thesis is nulled.

 Dr. Siti Rahyla binti Rahmat (School of Social Sciences)
 10 May 2024  (Friday)
 9.30 am - 12.00 pm

Students will be exposed to the do's and don'ts of conducting Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and Surveys, both online and face-to-face. Tips and techniques for invitations and data collection will also be shared in this training. Additionally, the training will cover how to design and conduct focus group discussions with themes.

 Professor. Dr. Ahmad Zuhairi bin Abdullah (School of Chemical Engineering)
 9 May 2024 (Thursday)
 2.30pm - 4.30pm

This talk is essential for students facing their thesis defense. This talk provides crucial guidance, emphasizing the importance of preparation, building confidence, and effective communication. It addresses common pitfalls, helps students understand examiner expectations, and offers tips on managing post-viva outcomes. By reducing anxiety, promoting comprehensive preparation, and enhancing professional development, the talk equips students to navigate the viva voce examination successfully and transition to the next phase of their academic or professional journey.